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"Niels has been part of our team since the beginning of our project at Vion.

His role in this has multiple facets; in addition to coaching a group of talented people participating in the People Matter Journey, he also develops content for modules and coaches individual employees on demand.

As a professional sports coach with international experience, with his certified coach training and because of his personality, Niels proves his added value in our team.”

Hendrik-Jan Guitink - AIMS International

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“Niels instantly made me feel safe, exactly what I needed to be open and vulnerable. And that comes naturally to Niels, no superficial chatter, but getting to the heart of the matter and then moving o


"I have experienced the coaching with Niels as very pleasant and confrontational. What he does very well is to really listen without judgment and by asking the right questions to help see which challe


"Niels has a great way of connecting with people when he speaks. By giving real-life examples, he makes it easy to understand and relate to his story. I learned a lot about how to understand myself be


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